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Object storage works well for long-term backup and archiving. See how high-performance capabilities are expanding it to high-scale, high-capacity workloads

"One of the most interesting aspects of object storage is its diversity of uses," notes George Crump in SearchStorage.

"While object storage is often used as an archive storage area, a destination for old data and a replacement for production file servers, in reality there are many ways it can be applied. As vendors begin to deliver performance-optimized object storage, the technology is ready for a whole new set of workloads.

High-performance object storage requires more than just switching from hard disk-based object storage systems to all-flash object storage. The move to all-flash media certainly helps, but object storage systems -- thanks largely to their rich metadata -- typically have too much latency to effectively take advantage of flash performance..."

Cloud Tiering And Object Storage For Backup
Storage Newsletter, March 13th, 2020
How to get low pricing of cloud storage with short data retrieval times?

"How to get the best of both worlds: The low pricing of cloud storage with short data retrieval times. Be sure you have the right architecture in place first.

There are two kinds of organizations: those that use the cloud for backup, and those that are going to use the cloud for backup.

And why not enjoy the advantages of the cloud for backup/restore, DR and long-term retention? The cloud has become ubiquitous and its accessibility and cost structure are flexible. Cloud tiering has become popular as companies turn to object storage for the growing amount of data that may never change or may be accessed only infrequently...." - Storage Newsletter

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